Usher Opens Up About His Journey, Superbowl Experience, Grammys

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Usher sat with Ferrari Simmons of 96.1 the Beat to talk about his musical journey, Superbowl experience, Grammys, and more!

"These establishments have had a very specific way of recognizing talent and artists, some they have gotten right. I think maybe I was in the wrong category." Usher states when asked which Grammy is the most meaningful to him. "For me to not be able to walk on that stage and receive that moment, it means something more to me but it also means something significant for what I may perceive as a genre that may at times be overlooked... I'm happy to have eight [Grammys] but maybe number nine is the one that will make the difference in the world to me." Watch the full interview on

Usher also sat with Otis of Power 105.3 to dive into his musical journey, Las Vegas Residency and more!

Reflecting on his past, he shares a message he would tell his younger self: "Knowing how determined I was I would just tell my younger self, enjoy it more. I know there are standards you would like to be different, and I know you are going to have to work hard for every bit of accolade that you get-- more harder than actually other people, but the reality is, this is a good commitment and you made the right decision. Stay committed to it, love it, but really enjoy it, because I now get to enjoy your hard work because you didn't take the time when you were building it to enjoy it". Watch the full interview on

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